The Garrott Brothers Concrete Story

The vision created in the fall of 1950, still exists today. Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix, Inc. has been the local ready mix supplier for nearly 60 years. With projects ranging from residential, road and bridge construction to large commercial projects, Garrott Bros. has been true to its motto "there is no job too big or too small".

E.H. Garrott sr. and John B. Garrott sr. founded their company as E.H. Garrott & Son in 1950. Trading in the bulldozers from their excavating business for a 2 cubic yard and a 3 cubic yard mixer, they began their first project pouring city sidewalks on Main Street in Gallatin, TN. E.H. (Bud) Garrott jr. and Tommy Garrott joined their father and brother in the business in 1952. While keeping their Gallatin, TN base, the Garrotts utilized mobile plants and moved where the work was. The growth that followed led to the renaming of the company to Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix, Inc. in 1966. Sadly, this was followed by the passing of E.H. Garrott sr in 1967.

With the Garrott Brothers nearing retirement, two sons, John B (Johnny) Garrott jr. and E.H. (Sonny) Garrott III, purchased the family business from their fathers in 1989. The 1990s were a time of significant growth in the company. Their largest project to date, the Gap, Inc., often required production and delivery around the clock in order to meet construction deadlines. In 2000, Johnny purchased his cousin's share of Garrott Brothers and became sole owner of company.

In 2013 the fourth generation of family, Daniel and Heather Bugbee, purchased a portion of the company in order to ensure the Garrott Brothers Company would be successfully ran for the next generation.

Garrott Brothers lives on today with the same vision created in 1950. Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix, Inc. is the local ready mix supplier where "no job is too big or too small".
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