Garrott Brothers Concrete Frequently Asked Questions

How much concrete do I need for my project?

First measure the length, width and depth of all the areas where you are pouring concrete. You can give this information to your Customer Service Representative when you place your order or you can use our concrete calculator.

How do I order concrete from Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix Inc.?

Take a look at our plant locations link at the top of the page. Once you have found the location most convenient to your job site contact our customer service representative who will gladly assist you in scheduling a delivery.

If there is rain in the forecast, what should I do about my order?

If you have placed an order with us and the weather forces you to pour on a later date, contact us as soon as you can. We will put a hold on your order and work with you to reschedule it.

What is slump and do I need to have this information when I am placing my order?

Slump refers to how wet or dry fresh concrete is upon delivery. Slump is based on a 12-inch scale. The lower the slump number, the drier the concrete will be. A slump of 1 is very dry concrete, while a slump of 12 will run like water. This is a key piece of information that we will need to mix your concrete batch. If you are unsure of what slump you need our Customer Service Representative can help you make the best slump option based upon your project.

Can other finishing products be delivered with my concrete?

Yes, if you place your order for these products when you make your concrete order, we will deliver it on the mixer truck with your concrete. Make sure you tell your Customer Service Representative what you need. Garrott Brothers offers a variety of finishing products check out our product link to learn more.

How long will it take my concrete to set up?

Set time depends upon several factors. The weather is the biggest factor. The temperature of the concrete is critical to set times. When the air temperature dips below 60ºF, you may need to add an accelerant to the concrete to help it reach the correct temperature. The relative humidity also impacts set times. When the humidity is high, concrete drying slows down. Different batches of concrete are designed to set up within differing time frames.

Can I add water to the concrete on the truck when it arrives on site?

It is a common practice to add water to re-temper the concrete once it arrives on the job site, especially in hot weather. However, adding water will impact the slump and strength of the concrete by directly effecting the water to cement ratio.

How can I keep concrete from cracking?

The best thing you can do is to learn and practice the concrete finishing and curing standards that are spelled out by the American Concrete Institute (ACI)

What products do you sell?

Check out our products page for a complete list: 

Call our office for pricing.


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